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Tree Risk Assessment

Trees require periodic inspection to ascertain their health and condition in the interest of public safety. Tree risk assessments identify any potential and real defect in trees in relation to the site and its use, the level of risk of tree failure and the balance between safety and retaining trees of amenity value.

This is particularly pertinent in relation to the responsibility and ‘duty of care’ held by land and property owners who may be held liable for any personal injury due to tree failure.  Periodic inspection is therefore recommended.

Tree Solutions is at the forefront of best practice in relation to tree risk assessments and hazard evaluation.  Our appraisals are based on target values and level of risk using the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) methodology. This will calculate a ‘Risk of Harm’ by assessing the level of risk by identifying targets likely to be affected by the trees, the size of the part most likely to fail, and the probability of failure.

Appropriate and specific internal decay detection equipment will be used where necessary.